‘Golden Bachelor’ star Theresa Nist quotes Dr. Seuss after announcing divorce

“Golden Bachelor” winner Theresa Nist is opting to look on the positive side after announcing her divorce from Gerry Turner three months after saying “I do.”

On Monday, Nist took to Instagram to share a famous quote from Dr. Seuss. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it’s happened,” the quote read.

Accompanying the quote was a lengthy caption from the reality television star in which she thanked her fans for all their support during this challenging time.

“To everyone who has expressed love, support and kindness to me I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are all such wonderful human beings,” Nist began her caption. “It means the world to me that you took the time to reach out to me, whether in person, on the phone, by text or by direct message. You are all so kind to do so. For everyone else who is confused and angry and who does not understand, please try to find it in your heart to understand and to try a little kindness. Not just for me but for the world and for everyone you encounter.”


She continued, “It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, something I never expected to happen at this point in my life and I truly thought it was going to last forever. It turns out, even at the age of 70, you don’t know everything.”

Nist noted that “sometimes things don’t go the way you planned’” and reaffirmed her followers that it’s OK. 

“I take so many positives away from this experience, most importantly and above all the incredible friends I now have in all of these amazing, wonderful women and in Angie and Jenny, Payton and Charlee, the producers, the production crew and so many of you,” she wrote. “I ask you to please stay open to all the experiences, opportunities, and love that may come your way. Keep smiling, keep laughing… I will. I love you all.”

On Friday, Gerry and Theresa went on “Good Morning America” and announced that love simply wasn’t enough to keep their marriage going during their joint interview.

On “GMA,” Turner admitted that after a “number of heart-to-heart conversations,” they came to a mutual decision to “dissolve our marriage.”

Nist added, “We have received so much love and support from so many people who watched ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ and I don’t think we can tell you how many people told us that it gave them so much hope. We want none of that to change for anybody.”

Their split appeared to be largely due to not being able to settle on a permanent living situation. Nist is based in New Jersey, while Turner has called Indiana “home.”

“We looked at homes in South Carolina. We considered New Jersey, and we just looked at home after home, but we never got to the point where we made that decision,” Nist said.

Turner added, “I still love this person. There’s no doubt in my mind, I still am in love with her. I root for her every day.”

Members of the “Bachelor” franchise have started to weigh in on the couple’s divorce announcement. Former “Bachelor” star Bob Guiney was quick with his opinion on Friday’s episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast.

“Something must have been fundamentally flawed from the jump because you don’t let someone spend a couple million bucks on your wedding and televise it for the world to see to then just allow it to crash and burn so quickly,” he told Ashley Iaconetti and Trista Sutter.

Guiney, who was the star of Season 4 of “The Bachelor,” questioned if Theresa and Gerry were “willing to get couples counseling” before making the decision to dissolve their union and advised that they should have “maybe pump[ed] the brakes” before agreeing to marriage.

Gerry got down on one knee and proposed to Theresa during the season finale of “The Golden Bachelor” in November. The couple tied the knot in a televised wedding that aired on Jan. 4.

“Maybe they don’t live the life of a married couple — like a hardcore married couple at this moment because they’re already living separately,” Guiney continued. “Maybe they just sort of take a few minutes and, I don’t know, try to salvage this whole thing.”

Bob concluded his season with Estella Gardinier in 2003. The former couple did not get engaged during the finale of “The Bachelor” and split up shortly after the season concluded. 

“If you’re a couple that all you’ve ever known is living apart, which is them, then I have a hard time,” Guiney said. “I have a hard time accepting the fact that they weren’t going to live together is why they’re getting divorced.”