50 Cent joins Mark Wahlberg in taking movie production out of Hollywood to Heartland

Rapper 50 Cent has chosen an interesting location for his latest business venture.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is opening a new film studio. Instead of launching the studio in Hollywood, the standard location for the movie industry, he made the decision to set things up in Shreveport, Louisiana, becoming the latest star to make a substantial move out of Los Angeles.

“As someone who has always believed in the transformative power of music, film, and television, I’m beyond excited to introduce the expansion of my G-Unit Film & Television through the launch of G-Unit Studios right here in Shreveport,” Jackson said in a statement to Fox News Digital.


“From the gritty narratives of the streets to the compelling stories that define our era, G-Unit has always been more than just entertainment; it’s a platform for voices that need to be heard, stories that need to be told,” he continued.

Jackson said the idea of bringing the film studio to Shreveport isn’t “just a business decision” but also “a commitment to fostering talent, creating opportunities, and building a community that thrives through creativity and innovation.”

He added, “We see Shreveport as a beacon of inspiration and creativity.”

G-Unit Film & Television is a production company that Jackson created in 2003. Through the company, he released a documentary called “50 Cent: The New Breed” and he’s worked with Starz to produce shows like “Power,” in which he also starred.

In an additional statement to Fox News Digital, Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux said the city is “thrilled” to be the home of the new studio.

“This city’s rich culture and talent provides the perfect backdrop for this endeavor,” he said. “We are eager to collaborate with Mr. Jackson and G-Unit Film & Television to bring captivating movies and entertainment to Shreveport and Caddo Parish.”

While Shreveport may seem like an unusual choice for a celebrity to build a film studio, Jackson is following in the footsteps of other stars who have made the decision to move the industry out of Hollywood.

Last year, actor/producer Mark Wahlberg told Fox News Digital that when he moved his family out of Los Angeles to Las Vegas, he had plans to turn the city into “Hollywood 2.0” with the help of a new studio he planned to build.

“We’re looking to create 10,000 jobs on the studio alone,” he said. “The average salary would be $100,000 more than what it is now. We want to train people both in front of and behind the camera, create jobs, most importantly, first and foremost, for locals.”

Walhberg lauded the “much better lifestyle” in Las Vegas and said that it was much more affordable than Los Angeles.

In 2019, Tyler Perry hosted the grand opening of his own studio in Atlanta. In an interview with Gayle King for “CBS This Morning,” he said, “I clearly believe that I’m ignored in Hollywood, for sure, and that’s fine. I get it.”

He continued, “My audience and the stories that I tell are African-American stories specific to a certain audience, specific to a certain group of people that I know, that I grew up, and we speak a language,” he added. “Hollywood doesn’t necessarily speak the language. A lot of critics don’t speak that language. So, to them, it’s like, ‘What is this?’”

In addition to producing, Perry writes and directs many of his works. He also occasionally acts, most notably as his famous “Madea” character in numerous films.


“I know what I do is important,” he told King. “I know what I do touches millions of people around the world. I know how important every word, every joke, every laugh [is]. I know what that does for the people where I come from and the people that I’m writing for.”