Luke Bryan slips on fan’s cellphone, jokes his ‘lawyer will be calling’

Luke Bryan wound up on his butt Saturday night after taking a nasty fall onstage. 

Performing at the Coast City Country Fest in Vancouver, B.C. Bryan was walking across the stage when he slipped on a cell phone that had found its way onto the stage, following a disconcerting trend where fans toss items at singers during their performance.

Bryan’s left foot slipped and flung into the air, per fan-recorded video. He narrowly avoided landing flat on his back, bracing for the fall with his left arm.


Lying on the stage for a few moments, Bryan sat up and showed the crowd the now infamous cellphone before uttering a few inadubile words. “Hold up,” he shouted at the crowd from his knees. “Did anybody get that?” he joked.

Bryan then handed the phone back to someone in the crowd, insisting that everything was square. “Alright, it’s okay. Hey, my lawyer – my lawyer will be calling,” he teased.

Bryan continued to be a good sport about the fall, asking people in the crowd to see the footage, before taking someone’s phone. Playing at The Commodore Ballroom which seats less than 1,000 people, Bryan wanted to ensure all his fans enjoyed themselves.  

“Let’s zoom in,” he said, directing the crew to display the imagery on the jumbotron. “There I am jumping. I’m hyping the crowd,” he says, watching his flub back again. 

“There it is,” he exclaimed. “This is viral,” he said, much to his glee.

Without skipping a beat, Bryan continued on with his show. A representative for the “American Idol” judge did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Bryan is currently on his “Mind of a Country Boy” tour, and will perform in Saskatoon, SK on Wednesday.