Tori Spelling used Ozempic and Mounjaro for weight loss after birth of 5th child

Tori Spelling is not afraid to admit she turned to Type 2 diabetes medication to help her lose weight after the birth of her fifth child.

On Monday’s episode of the “90210” star’s podcast, Spelling said that Ozempic did not work for her, so she used Mounjaro instead.

“I tried Ozempic, and it didn’t work for me,” she said on her “misSPELLING” podcast. “So, I went on Mounjaro, which did do the trick and I did lose weight.”


Spelling shared that since it is becoming more common for celebrities to discuss taking antidiabetics for weight loss, she is comfortable sharing her own experience. “It’s a different time, so I don’t feel shamed saying that.”

Spelling began taking Mounjaro in 2017 after the birth of her son, Beau. She is also a mother to four other children; Liam, 17, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, and Finn, 11, who she shares with her ex-husband, Dean McDermott.

“At my heaviest, I was 120 pounds my entire life,” Spelling said on her podcast. “And after Beau, I was 160 pounds. I couldn’t lose the weight, and the doctor was like, ‘Well, it’s an age thing.’”

Spelling shared that prior to turning to medication, she tried “whatever anyone told me to do that was safe and it just wasn’t working.” That was when her doctor prescribed her Mounjaro, the brand name for tirzepatide.

She was also prescribed hormone medication since she was approaching menopause at the time.

“I’m happy with my weight,” she said. “I did go off of it because I had hit my ideal weight and I felt like I didn’t want to get any thinner.”

Spelling has had a tough year in her personal life. At the end of March, Fox News Digital confirmed that Spelling had filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences as the grounds to dissolve her union with McDermott. 

At the iHeart Radio Music Awards red carpet, Spelling told Fox News Digital, “I’m doing well. It was the appropriate time and the kids and I and Dean are doing great. And we’re getting through this as a family.”

Spelling elaborated about the major change to her life on an earlier episode of her podcast.

“So, I just filed for divorce,” she said, taking a deep breath. “I just filed for divorce, whoa. I said the words that I’ve said in my head for like 16 years…wild.”

The mom of five admitted she thought about leaving at multiple points after the births of some of her children, but never did. 

Having children further impacted their relationship, with Spelling saying, “Our relationship was never the same after having kids.”

She continued, “We always said we won’t be those parents who change. We’ll make sure we make our relationship a priority, the two of us, and have date nights, and everything went out the window. I became completely focused on the kids. And kind of left him in a way. And I get it. It doesn’t excuse his behavior and everything he did and how he handled things, and I’m not minimizing his part in this and how his lack of sobriety did affect me and the kids for years and years, and I’m really happy he’s sober now. But our relationship definitely changed, to the point where I felt like I was in this alone with the kids.” 

In the divorce filing documents, the date of separation for the couple is listed as June 17, 2023, the same day McDermott shared a now-deleted Instagram post announcing their separation. 

Spelling is requesting spousal support, while denying offering spousal support to McDermott. As for their children, she requested full physical custody and joint legal custody, with visitation rights for McDermott.