Country star Zach Bryan and girlfriend survive ‘traumatizing’ car crash: ‘We were, like, saying goodbye’

Country music singer Zach Bryan and girlfriend Brianna LaPaglia were preparing for death during a “traumatizing” car accident late last week.

LaPaglia, a podcaster with a loyal following on TikTok, shared a video to her account Tuesday, recounting the accident.

“Two nights ago, Zach and I got into a traumatizing side-by-side car crash. It flipped a bunch of times. Everything shattered, and thank God we had our seatbelts on,” she revealed in a video.


“There was a lot of blood, and we thought, like, we were like saying goodbye to each other,” she shared. “After the ambulance came and he got all stitched up, we were like, ‘Oh my God, thank God. Didn’t hit an artery. It was just a huge gash.’

“We were OK. We are happy and alive.”

In a separate video, LaPaglia emphasized the importance of wearing a seat belt.

“I will be that annoying person,” she said. “I will spend the rest of my life saying, ‘Wear your seat belts.’ I’ve always been a seat belt wearer just because my parents always made me. And, in high school, a neighborhood friend passed away and wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

“But I was never the person to be like, ‘Put your seat belt on. Wear a seat belt.’ I was like people are gonna do what they want to do.’ Not anymore.

“I’m gonna be that helicopter stupid f—ing annoying friend that’s like, ‘Put your seat belt on or the car’s not moving.’ 

“If we didn’t have our seat belts on, we would literally be decapitated — broken necks or dead.”

Bryan has not directly commented about the accident, but he did share how grateful he was for LaPaglia on his Instagram story.

“This lady holds the weight up of everyone around her day in and day out. Through these month long tour runs, to my degenerate ass making an album,” he wrote. “You’re my muse Brianna and I don’t understand how the hell you hold it together when people around you can’t. Thank you forever and always no matter what.”

He also shared a number of thoughtful texts LaPaglia had sent him, highlighting her support.

A representative for Bryan did not immediately return Fox News Digital’s request for comment. He’s on tour, living on his tour bus with LaPaglia.