Florida Georgia Line singer Brian Kelley talks possible reunion

Florida Georgia Line singer Brian Kelley isn’t ruling out a possible reunion with his former bandmate.

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, Kelley discussed his second solo album, “Tennessee Truth,” and the possibility of reuniting with Tyler Hubbard.

“The old saying is, ‘Tell God your plans, and he’ll laugh,’” he said. “So, I have no idea. I really don’t know what the future holds. I know that I’m really focused on what I’m doing now, and I’m really proud of … the work that I put in.”

The Grammy-nominated duo achieved massive success as a band since releasing their debut single “Cruise” in 2010, which went on to receive 11x platinum certification. They later made history for holding the longest reign on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart with their song “Meant to Be,” spending 50 straight weeks at No. 1.


While Kelley left room for the possibility of a reunion with Hubbard, his former bandmate wasn’t as optimistic about the two of them performing together again. 

“It was a cool season of life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Hubbard told People about his time as a member of Florida Georgia Line. “But I don’t want it back. I’m in a way different place, and I wouldn’t trade it.”

Kelley released his first solo album, “Sunshine State of Mind,” in 2020, when Florida Georgia Line was still together, calling it “a passion project” made “with a sonic respect to what we were, what we had done and what we had built.” The band broke up two years later, with Hubbard releasing his own solo album in 2023.

Fans of the band have been speculating some of the lyrics of Kelley’s song, “Kiss My Boots,” from his newest album are about Hubbard, and the breakdown of their working relationship. The song includes the lyrics, “Want the world to know that you did me wrong / I don’t know how you act sweet, after how you did me / Here’s a middle finger to you through a song.”

While Kelley can understand why fans would think it’s about Hubbard, he explained the song “really means a lot of different things for me,” and the others who worked on it.

“I really put that song out because I wanted people to know that I’m a real human and I’m not just some face on social media or some somebody that’s had some success,” he said. “You know, I’ve been through hard times in my life.”

Hubbard chose not to comment on the perceived dis track while promoting his second album. 

“I’m happy for BK, and I hope he’s happy and that he’s doing his thing and I’m doing my thing,” he told People in a statement. “I want only good things for him, and I wish him the best.”