Morgan Wallen to open Nashville bar following arrest for alleged rooftop chair-throwing incident

Country singer Morgan Wallen has plans to open a six-story bar called This Bar in Nashville, Tennessee, this year, and his recent arrest seemingly won’t get in the way. In fact, according to a PR expert, the chair-throwing incident may actually help the singer “drive more business.”

On Sunday, Wallen was arrested for allegedly throwing a chair off the rooftop of Eric Church’s Chief’s bar on Broadway in Nashville. The Metro Nashville Police Department wrote in a statement to X that Wallen had been charged with three felony counts of reckless endangerment and one count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.


According to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, Wallen was booked at 12:36 a.m. and released at 3:29 a.m. Per Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry, Wallen’s bond was listed at $15,250. An court appearance for the charges is scheduled for May 3.

Wallen’s attorney told Fox News Digital, “He is cooperating fully with authorities.”

“Wallen’s image is largely tied to a rowdy, hard-singing, harder-drinking, good ol’ boy. An arrest for an incident like this, which presumably came at the end of a night of partying, will arguably drive even more traffic to his bar,” Doug Eldridge, a public relations expert from Achilles PR, told Fox News Digital. 

“I say that because of the nature of ‘bar marketing’ as well as the general environment and atmosphere in Nashville these days,” he added. “By contrast, if he was launching a children’s book or doing some type of outward-facing philanthropy, his recent arrest would have a more damning effect.”


Ted Jenkin, president of Exit Stage Left Advisors, agrees that the arrest will more than likely have a “positive” impact on the bar’s success.

“Morgan Wallen is a hugely popular artist right now and this recent arrest will actually have a positive impact, in my view, in terms of the loyal followers who want to come visit and patronize the grand opening,” he said.

In February, the “Whiskey Glasses” singer announced his plans to open a “one-of-a-kind six-story venue” called This Bar and Tennessee Kitchen in downtown Nashville’s iconic Lower Broadway district this summer.


“I sing about finding myself in ‘this bar’ and now it’s coming to life. This venue will hold true to everything I love and is inspired by my fans and the way they have embraced me and my music,” Wallen said in a press release. “We’re designing a menu around some of my family favorites, so it brings a piece of East Tennessee to Music City. I hope This Bar is a place you’ll want to find yourself in and make memories with your friends and family and celebrate the way country music has brought us all together.”

Wallen has partnered with TC Restaurant Group in hopes of bringing his unique vision to Nashville. 

Representatives for Wallen and TC Restaurant Group did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. 

When it comes to his success, Wallen’s history of run-ins with the law hasn’t seemed to slow him down. 

“While some fans are certainly disappointed, I would argue this is literally part of his brand,” Eldridge said. “It’s not quite at the level of Cash, Haggard and the days of Outlaw Country, but it’s certainly in that ilk.”

“By contrast, when Tiger Woods’ affairs came to light, it decimated his sponsorship portfolio. Why? Because Tiger’s image and brand were centered around being a family man, a buttoned-up person and the best golfer on the planet,” Eldridge continued. “The allegations of partying, drug use and rampant infidelity were a broadside torpedo to the core values that sponsors banked on when making Woods one of the highest-paid athletes on the planet.”

“This isn’t the case with Wallen,” he added. “Don’t get me wrong, felony charges are incredibly serious, but the aura of partying, punching and playing guitar are all pillars in the overarching Wallen brand.”

The alleged chair-throwing incident has seemingly driven traffic to Church’s bar over the past few days. According to People, tourists in Nashville have flooded Chief’s bar inquiring about the chair that was allegedly thrown.

The bar itself took a jab at the situation by posting a photo on Instagram of their marquee that read, “OUR PIGS FLY/OUR CHAIRS DON’T/RODNEY SCOTT’S/WHOLE HOG ROOFTOP BBQ.”

As far as Wallen’s bar? According to This Bar’s official Instagram account, Wallen and his team are hiring for all positions and holding interviews this week.

“Media coverage of the incident will only create a minor, short-term spike in negative attention. In the long run, the popularity of his music will not be impacted,” Eldridge said. “You’ve got to remember: This is an artist whose first album went double platinum and his second album set the record for the longest run as the No. 1 album on Billboard’s country music chart.”

“In the court of public opinion, Wallen has never been more popular. However, in a court of law, he might have to face the music,” he added.