Kate Beckinsale dresses as an old man to silence online haters after shutting down plastic surgery rumors

Kate Beckinsale knows how to make a statement. 

Days after Beckinsale begged for the “insidious bullying” surrounding her appearance to stop, the “Serendipity” actress — who was hospitalized for an undisclosed health issue in March — posted a series of photos and videos of herself dressed as an older man in attempt to silence the online trolls. 

“New deal. This is all you’re getting,” she wrote in the caption of the first photo she shared on Instagram, which features Beckinsale in a white suit, fully masked. “Hope it is less triggering and more what you consider age appropriate. Sayonara b—-es.”


Another video features Beckinsale, in full character, falling out of her wheelchair and being tended to by her “bride.”

In a video clip shared on Instagram Sunday, the actress opened up about the hate she has received over the years regarding her appearance. 

“I hate talking about this because I hate adding to this conversation but I’m doing it because insidious bullying of any kind over time takes a toll,” she said. “These videos might be 20 years apart, maybe more.” 

“Every time I post anything — and by the way, this has been the case since I was about 30 — I am accused of having had unrecognisable surgery/using Botox using fillers/being obsessed with looking younger, and it’s really such a tiresome and subtly vicious way to bully a person.”

She added, “I don’t actually do any of those things – I’ve even gone to the trouble of having a plastic surgeon categorically state that I don’t and haven’t, and still, every time there’s a chorus of my God, you’re unrecognisable. Oh my God PLASTIC,oh my God, you don’t even look like yourself anymore, it happens constantly and it’s usually women that are doing it.”

Beckinsale noted, “Obviously I have aged, everybody ages; I’m not too concerned about aging-because I found my father dead at the age of 5, I spent most of my teenage years and a good deal of my 20s absolutely crippled with severe anxiety and panic attacks that I was going to die of a heart attack too, and went to emergency rooms often, and was almost, at that time of my life, completely immobilised by that anxiety.”

Kate found it “deeply ironic” that she is bullied about not being able to handle the fact that she is getting older.

“I’m posting this knowing full well that it will have absolutely no effect. It isn’t going to stop,” she wrote. “But I’m also posting it because whatever someone looks like, accusing them constantly of things they haven’t done, or being obsessed with youth when actually, currently I’m obsessed with surviving loss, is bullying. Please stop now.”

Last week, the actress opened up about her “rough year” after revealing she had been struggling with unknown health issues.  

“It’s been a rough year,” Beckinsale told People at the inaugural King’s Trust Gala in New York City — which marked her first public appearance since her hospitalization. “Because my parents have both been unwell and my cat … it’s been a bunch of things. So that’s why it’s nice to come and see friends and have a little perspective. Everyone’s had a bit of a rough year, I think.”

On March 11, Beckinsale revealed she had been hospitalized while sending love to her mom on U.K. Mother’s Day.

On March 31, Beckinsale shared a photo of her legs and feet, wearing white bunny socks, in what appeared to be a hospital bed with the simple caption, “Happy Easter.”

A few weeks later, the “Underworld” star took to Instagram to share a series of photos, some of which include the actress wearing a T-shirt that reads, “Tummy Troubles Survivor.”

In the caption, Beckinsale included a muscle emoji as well as a white heart. 

It is still unclear what Beckinsale was hospitalized for. 

Fox News Digital’s Tracy Wright contributed to this post.